Stupid Cancer

Stupid Cancer is an organization dedicated to helping young adults learn the art of surviving.

Young Adults diagnosed with cancer often feel isolated. If a young adult is diagnosed with a type of cancer that children typically get, they will probably be treated at a children’s hospital where they are years older than the average patient. On the contrary, if a young adult is diagnosed and treated at a regular hospital, they may be years younger than the average patient.

Stupid Cancer is the leader in young adult cancer advocacy, support, and research. They decrease isolation by providing young adult cancer patients with events like CancerCon and resources to connect survivors. They provide education to help navigate life after cancer.

I found Stupid Cancer fourteen years after my diagnosis, I was so excited to know there were finally organizations out there for people like me: young adult cancer survivors. Organizations are helping people navigate life after treatment. Assisting people to cope with being a survivor and fitting into the world again. This meant so much because I knew the struggles I had been through and the mistakes I had made. Stupid Cancer meant future survivors had somewhere to go to, someone to help guide them.

Stupid Cancer is an excellent resource for individuals diagnosed with cancer as a young adult and childhood cancer survivors as they become young adults.