A Kid Again

A Kid Again was the first organization I was a part of after my diagnosis. They provide year-round adventures for children with life-threatening illnesses and their families in Ohio and Indiana.

The focus isn’t just on the child who is ill but also on the family. The idea is that everyone is included, and families can meet other families in similar situations.

I first heard about A Kid Again, while I was sitting in the waiting room at Children’s Hospital in 1997. I was waiting for them to call my name to have my blood drawn when I heard kids talking about A Kid Again and an upcoming trip to Kings Island. They were talking enthusiastically about it and piquing my curiosity; I want to know more. They told me A Kid Again was an organization that sponsored many events throughout the year for kids “like us,” and the next event would be at Kings Island. When we got home from the clinic, my mom called A Kid Again and signed us up. The best part about the adventures they provide is it includes the entire family. My first “adventure” was going to Kings Island theme park, which left an impression on me. Imagine the surprise when my brother and sister were given $20.00 to spend at the park. They finally felt it was cool to have a sister with cancer. We got a picnic lunch and admission to the park. It was a great family day. A few months later, we attended a Christmas party, and once again, my siblings were included, and they too received a gift.

A Kid Again, allows kids with life-threatening illnesses to be kids again!