Book: Faith, Hope & Cancer




Faith, Hope & Cancer: The Journey of a Childhood Cancer Survivor is my memoir.

Childhood cancer showed me God’s role in my life and how important faith and hope truly are.  This is my story of surviving cancer treatment, struggling with being diagnosis with leukemia during already sensitive teenage years, and then navigating life after cancer.

Within weeks of learning, I had leukemia my friends had disappeared.  I found myself facing a new, somewhat frightening life on my own.  In my memoir I share how faith and hope played a part in my survival and what I learned about family and friendships.  I share the mistakes I made along the way and lessons I learned from them.

My hope is that this book will make readers laugh, cry and feel inspired. I hopes it helps cancer patients, both now and in the future, realize even more deeply that they are not alone.  I hope healthcare workers read this book and gain a deeper understanding of their patients’ needs, and especially gain insight on how to approach children and young adults diagnosed with a life-threatening illness. I hope teachers learn more about how to support students when they are diagnosed with cancer.  I hope family and friends of individuals diagnosed with cancer will read this and understand the importance of their role in their loved one’s journey. Lastly, I hope that all of my readers discover the importance of faith and hope, especially when it seems there is nothing else.

To purchase Faith, Hope and Cancer: The Journey of a Childhood Cancer Survivor in paperback or ebook click link:

To order multiple copies for a book store, hospital waiting room or support program please contact Carolyn at for more information.

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