June 20th is my New Release Date

I regretfully have to announce that the launch date of my book Faith, Hope and Cancer: The Journey of a Childhood Cancer Survivor is being pushed back to June 20th. I am having issues with Amazon printing and am trying to get them resolved as quickly as possible. I appreciate your patience and am looking forward to sharing my story with all of you!

Welcome to my site Leukemia Girl!

Why Leukemia Girl?

Cancer is a word you never want to hear, but one I heard when I was thirteen years old, when I was told I had Acute Lymphocytic Leukemia.

When I was in high school, I heard a classmate was calling me ‘leukemia girl’ behind my back. I felt hurt, but I also knew she had ever right to call me that because I was a girl and I had leukemia, what I didn’t like was that she wasn’t willing to call me that to my face. So at a football game, I confronted her and told her if she were going to continue calling me ‘leukemia girl’ that I can she not do it behind my back anymore.

What does a Cancer Survivor look like? 

They look like a normal person.  Leukemia is a blood cancer, so it doesn’t leave physical scars behind, the only scars I have come from my broviac catheter (central line) which are hidden and the emotional scars that come with what I went through. When people see me that don’t know my past, they can’t tell I ever had cancer.

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“I cried, I laughed, I cried again.  This is a wonderful book about courage, faith & finding your purpose. It changed how I think about Cancer,  how to be there for someone who has it & why you should consider yourself a survivor the day your told you have IT.”    ~Patty Rapp Evan

Faith, Hope & Cancer Book Review