Healing Power of Dolphins

The healing power of dolphins started when I was in the hospital. One day mom and I were laughing while I was getting my Chemo, one of the doctors happened to walk by and say, “Laughter is the best medicine” because each time you laugh, your body releases endorphins, which help the body heal. After that, mom and I decided to shorten endorphins to “dolphins” because it was a lot easier to say, and I believed that dolphins genuinely do have a healing power.

When I was down in the Florida Keys working with dolphins, I realized they do have a special power. A power that will never be explained, but you feel whenever you are around them. It’s a sense of peace and comfort, they can sense when something isn’t right, and they are always trying to make you laugh through their antics. To me, dolphins mean freedom. They are beautiful creatures that can swim and leap and just have fun being silly, plus they always seem to be smiling.

To me, dolphins are the symbol of my survival. I have a necklace with two charms, one with two dolphins and another with a dolphin’s fluke. The two dolphins stand for the two lives I have lived, one before cancer and the one I live now after cancer. I am a forever-changed person because of my experience. The dolphin fluke reminds me of the time I spent working with the dolphins and how special they really are.

I hope you remember to laugh releasing your ‘dolphins’ every day.

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