Book Review

I’ve had this book for a little while but didn’t want to start it until I had time to really sit with it. I’m not going to rate it, because it isn’t a story someone made up in their head, it’s a retelling of someone’s life- someone I know, in fact- and you cannot rate someone’s feelings and experiences. Carolyn is a former coworker of mine. I knew when we worked together that she was a childhood cancer survivor, so when she told me she’d written this, of course, I read it! I’m not sure what I was expecting, or if I even had any expectations, really, but I can tell you I didn’t expect a lesson in faith. That’s what this memoir is, to me. Yes, it talks about some very difficult subject matter, but it’s so full of hope! I’ve always known Carolyn as a positive, upbeat person, and that very much comes through on these pages. What I didn’t realize is how strong and deep her faith is. It was very uplifting to read this, and it’s made me take a closer look at the blessings in my own life. If you’re struggling with something- anything!- and you need help finding your hope and your spirit, read this. It’ll lift you up, I promise! ~Lynnette